A letter from Julia's House

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

 Dear everyone at Racing for a Cause, Michael Blake Racing and Partner’s Employment, 

 We can’t thank you enough!

I’m writing to thank you for supporting Julia’s House again with a wonderful donation of £250 from some of your fantastic horse’s winnings! I know this year has been difficult for everyone, so having you there for us still is so wonderful. Since 2019 when you first started supporting us, you have donated £2450 to Julia’s House – which is truly amazing.    

Your donation is helping us adapt our care to the ever-changing needs of seriously ill children during the pandemic, visiting families in their homes, running virtual play sessions for the most vulnerable children and stepping in to provide emergency care when families have no-where else to turn.  Families just like this one: “The nurses and carers totally ‘get’ us as a whole family, know what is right for us and can read our mood,” says one mum of a seriously ill little boy supported by Julia's House. “They work within our normal and our normal can be a horrible place and worrying at times but they listen, they understand and they pre-empt our needs. Julia’s House nurses can turn the day around and leave us all feeling so much better able to cope.” 

Your support is helping us to break the cycle of fear, isolation and exhaustion that parents are facing at the moment.  It’s helping us give them a much-needed break, so they can carry on coping.     

Thank you. 

With best wishes, 
Claudia Hickin 
Community Fundraiser