Recruitment Trend predictions for 2020 we think you should know

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Recruitment 2020 trend predictions we think you need to know


A new year brings with it a new prediction of trends likely to be reflected within the recruitment market. This information is highly influential to agencies and recruiters planning their yearly strategy, but we want to be transparent and highlight how knowledge of these could benefit you as a candidate.

Within this post we are going to highlight just some of the predicted trends, but discuss how you can use this information in your job hunt to stay one step ahead of the game.


Soft Skills Shortage

“We are in the midst of a national skills shortage that’s predicted to grow to 29 million skills in deficit by 2030” pageuppeople, 2019

Because candidates with relevant soft skills are becoming more valuable to organisations, we are likely to see a shift of essential and agile characteristics ranking above experience. This is will include skills such as communication, ability to innovate, collaboration and leadership.

These skills allow candidates to evolve with changes in their industries, and give employers greater flexibility in adapting to changing needs of the marketplace.


Potential Recession approaching

Economists have given indication that whilst we are in one of the largest periods of economic growth, and what goes up must come down. Indicators from previous recessions, Brexit and an ongoing threat within manufacturing sectors suggest the economy may see a temporary decline in the near future.

Historically during these periods the percentage of candidates increases, making job openings much more valuable and therefore the competition higher. A way to ensure you are in with a chance of landing job roles during this period is being able to sell yourself to the hiring company and keeping your skills relevant and ahead of other applicants.

Ways to do this could be ensuring your knowledge up to date by completing courses or keeping up with industry news. Not only are these great talking points in interviews, but most can be done for free.


Automation of talent acquisition

Due to the increase of technology solutions within recruitment, it is more important than ever that your CV, Cover Letters, and your LinkedIn and job board profiles are optimised to help push you through the recruitment funnel. An increasing number of companies are using AI to source and screen candidates, and candidates who know how to adapt to this change will reap the benefits.

Ways to do this include adding any relevant keywords related to your sector and job role to profiles and documents and keeping your CV up to date and uploaded on a variety of job boards. The more often you keep your CV up to date on job boards, the more often you are likely to match to jobs.


Social media recruitment

Social media has become a huge part of todays culture, and this is increasingly becoming one of the most powerful hiring strategies within recruitment. Not only do companies post vacancies on social pages, they are also searching for candidates and using a more personal method of communication to attract talent.

One of the biggest ways you can take this trend and make it work to your advantage is getting yourself seen. If you are looking for a role in a certain sector, follow as many people and pages related to that area as possible. Make sure you are engaging with content, and posting content related to the sector yourself.


There you have it, our ‘2020 Recruitment Trends’ and why you should know about them!

We hope this information was useful and you can take some of these on board when searching for a new job in 2020.

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