12 Days of Recruitment

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This month Partners Employment counted down the 12 Days of Recruitment. Over 12 days we gave you 12 helpful tips to help with your job search in the new year!

Day 1:

Start by working out what you are looking for in a new role. Are you looking for a promotion, company culture, responsibilities or location? Make a list to start narrowing your search, and if you sign up to any recruiters to help them better understand your recruitment needs.

Day 2:

Make sure your CV is up to date and relevant. If you are wanting to stay in the same line of work, make sure all your experience and skills in that area are outlined clearly. If you are planning on making a transition into a new field of work, provide all your transferable skills.

Day 3:

Highlight any gaps on your CV. Some gaps are hard to fill without gaining industry experience, so it is best to be aware of these. However, there are many that motivated individuals can work to fill using their initiative. There are masses of online training courses available, and even excel experience can be gained through viewing tutorials online.

Day 4:

Sign up to recruitment agencies. If there is a particular sector you want to work within, research agencies that specialise in that field. Or if you location is a priority, search for local agencies whose clients will be in your area. Not only do recruiters have access to roles currently offered, they can also keep you in mind for any new roles coming in.

Day 5:

Research companies that appeal to you. If they have any roles open, make sure both your CV and Cover Letter are tailored to the role they are advertising. If they don't have any roles open at the minute, why don't you send a copy of your CV over and express your interest to be considered for any future positions. They may not be advertising now, but they may be in the near future!

Day 6:

Review all your social media pages. Given the chance, many individuals will view your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn when reviewing your application. Delete anything you think might give off a bad impression (including any tagged photos). They may seem funny at the time, but you don't want any silly jokes resulting in a rejection further down the line.

Day 7:

Network! Having access to social media, especially LinkedIn, is a great asset to help in finding a new job. Post that you are looking for a job, and all your followers will have visibility. That could be hundreds of people who might know about job openings, or share it within their own network. Take the time to network, and the benefits can be huge.

Day 8:

Be realistic with your time. Finding a new job isn't always quick, so don't set your expectations too high with regards to timings. If there aren't many positions in the location you are after, start to consider expanding this. If you have been rejected from a number of applications, make sure you ask for feedback. Don't get discouraged, these things can take time and it will be worth it when you get your offer.

Day 9:

The STAR method Remember the 'STAR' method for interviews to help you provide clear and relevant answers. S - Situation (describe the situation or task) T - Task (what was the goal) A - Action (describe how YOU addressed the situation) R - Result (what was the outcome)

Day 10:

Sending 'Thank You' notes. This is not always considered by those who go to interviews, but sending a thank you note after could be a great way to set you apart from everyone and be remembered.

Day 11:

Subscribe to Job alerts One of the easiest ways to get notified of any new jobs is to subscribe to 'Job Alerts'. These are easily set up by creating a profile on job sites or recruiters websites, and have preferences for what jobs you want to receive.

Day 12:

Be yourself. Job hunting can sometimes become a sport of moulding yourself into the 'perfect candidate'. And although you must always appear professional, don't forget to let them see who you are.


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