The Benefits of Christmas Temping

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Christmas Temping



The Benefits of Christmas Temping


Christmas is the busiest time of the year for many businesses, especially within retail and production.

Last year around £446,000 was spent every minute of every day on presents alone, and for businesses to be able to supply to these numbers many require temporary Christmas staff.  

This is great for individuals wanting to earn some extra money for the festive period, but there are some other benefits people often overlook.


Get your foot in the door

For many people, landing a Christmas temp job is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door with businesses. Once you have worked somewhere and gained some valuable experience there, you are much more likely to be asked to stay as a permanent member of staff or offered a role if someone leaves in the future. Make sure if you do only work the Christmas period to try and keep some contacts there so you can be made aware of any positions opening in the future.   


Try something new

For some Christmas temp jobs, businesses are more willing to except people without experience and train you up. This means you have opportunities to work in roles, or sectors you may want to temporarily try out before jumping into a permanent role. This also means there are opportunities for those who haven’t got any employment history to land their first job and gain valuable experience to take forward in the future.


Cover any CV gaps

Although there are many valuable reasons for why you might have a gap in your CV (education, maternity or relocation), you may be asked to give further explanation in interviews. If you do find yourself out of work for some time, Christmas temping can be a great opportunity to appear proactive. With contracts ranging from a couple weeks to months, this is a great way to fill those gaps and to keep learning new skills. These contracts are also great for students, who may not be able to hold a full-time job during term times but have long Christmas breaks.


Learn new skills, and quickly

Working during the busiest period of the year, temporary roles don’t always have the luxury of a slow and detailed induction. Many will require you to use your initiative, roll your sleeves up and get stuck in. Although not always the easiest of tasks, it does mean you will gain skills and working knowledge much faster than if you were to join businesses at quieter times. You are likely to leave your Christmas temp role with a vast amount of new skills and capability, making for some great CV and interview talking points.

We hope that this post made you think a bit more of the benefits of Christmas Temping. If you happen to be looking for some temporary work over the Christmas period, please contact us to find out what roles we have available.


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