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Congratulations, you’ve impressed them with your CV & Cover Letter and now you’ve got an interview!


Interviews can be a daunting and scary process, with nerves often getting the best of people. However, we are going to give you all our tips for helping you perform on the day.


“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”

Bobby Unser

Preparation is the most important step in helping you shine during your interview. The more time you spend preparing, the smoother your interview should go.

Research: One of the biggest mistakes you can make in an interview is turning up having done no research on the company. Interviewers will want to know how much knowledge you have on the company; the more knowledge you have, the more time you have already invested into the company.


The Role: During the application process you will have read over the job description, but that doesn’t mean you should now discard it. Before turning up for your interview make sure to go back over the job description and refresh your memory. Have scenarios already prepared before, demonstrating your relevant skills and achievements. You need to be able to show the interviewer why you want the job, you understand the role, and why you are the best candidate. 


Questions: Almost every interview will end with “Do you have any questions?”, but how you answer this question could have a big impact on whether you get the job or not. You should always have a minimum of one or two questions ready to ask.  Here are some examples you could use:

“Do you provide professional development opportunities?”

“What do you particularly enjoy about working for this company?”

“What do think are the most important qualities for someone to excel in this role?”


First Impressions You’ve done all your preparation and made it to interview day, but you still need to make a great first impression. Keep in mind it is completely normal to get nervous over a job interview, and most employers will be expecting it.

If nerves are starting to get the better of you, remember these 5 tips to help combat giving off a bad impression: 

  1. Punctuality:Arrive in good time, this not only gives a good first impression but also helps reduce stress.
  2. Body Language: Greet your interviewer with a friendly smile and a firm handshake. When seated make sure you try not to slouch or fidget.
  3. Icebreakers: Try and think of an icebreaker question to help start conversation, such as “how’s your day going?”.
  4. Be mindful of vocabulary: Remember to keep your vocabulary professional. If you feel like your nerves are getting the better of your vocabulary and you can sense ‘erm’ or ‘like’ creeping into your speech, take a second to bring yourself back.
  5. Composure: Take time to think about your answers before you respond. Use the time to think over all your preparation and give a much more considered and structured answer.


So there you have it, all our tips to make your interview a success!

If you don’t get a job offer at the end of it, make sure to ask for feedback from your interviewer, and take this on board for your next one.

If you want any more information on interview tips, please get in contact with a member of our recruitment team and we would be happy to offer you our guidance. 



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